How can accountants work from anywhere but still deliver great client service?

How accountants can overcome the difficulties of working from home and maintain high productivity

With accountancy firms across the UK forced to stay away from their offices and work from home in the COVID lockdown, achieving high productivity across the team can be a huge challenge.

But the demand from clients for advice has never been higher, as many businesses struggle to survive the coronavirus crisis. Hence, the workload is growing for many accountants.

Then factor in the third lockdown starting in the midst of busy season.

National restrictions are set to continue until early March at the “earliest”, the Prime Minister has said – and that’s dependent on many factors such as vaccination programmes running to plan.

What obstacles face accountants who need to work from home productively?

The challenges for effective remote working are manifold, including:

  • Different computer set up to the office with screens and systems that don’t look or operate the same way
  • Hard to communicate effectively with clients and staff
  • Unable to access key accountancy practice software
  • Threats to precious client data from cybercrime

How can accountants work from home successfully in the COVID lockdown?

IRIS has launched a new service to supercharge productivity, enable accountants to work successfully from anywhere, and solve the challenges outlined above.

IRIS Anywhere ensures your business is set up to make a success of the cloud and enjoy the benefits of working from any location. It’s like you’ve taken your office PC home with you – or wherever you have to go to work.

It comes complete with the full Microsoft Office 365 and Teams integration.

But it’s so much more than a hosted desktop, providing sophisticated, high level security, and bringing together all the cloud support services your business needs to stay connected and maintain control.


Why is being able to work well from anywhere important in the longer term?

None of us know how long the pandemic and the restrictions will last but there’s no clear end in sight. Businesses looking to not just survive but thrive in this next normal will need long term solutions.

Even once the crisis begins to gradually recede, staff expectations have changed, and most will demand flexible working in future. With many accountants having already set up their practices successfully without an office, it’s something many firms will want to consider.

Watch: Accountant’s success story of working remotely

How flexible are the services offered with IRIS Anywhere?

With IRIS Anywhere, we give you the option to select from one of our three different tiers of service, enabling you to pick the appropriate solution for your business right now, with the flexibility to add or remove features as and when you need them. Plus, you can get performance boosts for your peak busy times.

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